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Where the green grass,
To the tune of wind,
Gently waves in a dance:
There will I lie in a trance,
To rest my tired mind.

For the song of the cuckoo
That fills the green vale,
And it’s overflowing echo:
My wealth, my wants, I’ll forgo;
Even my life and all.

[written in 1991]


Let Me Go…

whirpool -digital art by ashok

If all are born fair and free
Why this darkness everywhere?
This silent noise, this mad spree,
I feel inside is hard to bear;
I strain my eyes but all I see
are blank walls of despair;
Why I fell in this whirlpool?
Who colored my world so grey?
Am I just fate’s tool?
I search for answers all day;
Am I wrong or just a fool?
Give my Life, that’s all I pray;
What I did to creep in bondage?
Let me know, then give the blow;
Why am I to sleep in a cage?
I want flowers, let me go;
Let not sweat, let not blood,
But dew drops cold, wet my brow;
Why in murk I spend my Years?
I am in fetters, I know not why?
No more darkness, no more Tears;
I want to hear the cuckoo’s cry;
No more empty dreams in fears;
I want the sun, I want the sky;

Fishes swim and butterflies fly
And stars twinkle in the high;
So let me go to feast my eye,
I will live my life and die……………

[i wrote this for a school poetry competetion at LOSA’1991…Ofcourse it did’nt win me a prize]