A Serenade…(mono-rhyme)

O! My darling dear damsel
with you mad in love I fell!
You are my queen, here I tell
You are my wife, let ring the bell!
You are the breath of my life as well,
Nothing can bar us, heaven or hell!
The virtues that in you dwell
make you swell, you are a jewel!
Envy all your artistic marvel
Not one on Earth your equal!
You have me your slave in a mystic spell!
Your beauty ethereal-who can excel?
When on top of my voice your name I yell-
Let it quail every cave and tunnel!
Let shatter its echo the deepest dell!
I care not if that be my knell!



Mystic Eyes







In her Eyes I behold
a thousand stars twinkle
Songs sung, Stories told
and battles fought and won;
Streams gush and quickly run;
The flowers laugh in fun;
Natures beauty seen in one
in her Mystic eyes alone

The day may turn to night;
The sun may lose his might;
But still I’ll get the light
From those sparkling Eyes.
Never once I’ve heard her voice
Yet still I talk with her;
Sweet and wise she replies
Through those Mystic Eyes

Barren the rivers may turn
Lo!The clouds may deny rain
Of thirst the world may burn
But I’ll never fear the worst
For I’ll quench my thirst
with looks no spring can equal
From the corners of her eyes
Those magic Mystic Eyes!

[written in 1991]


Reflections: by ashok


Strange a thought, I know not why,
Has suddenly struck my mind:
That if this minute I am to die,
Heaven or hell, will I find?

It may be too early to bed,
But will I rise to behold the dawn?
Will I behold the sun in red?
And dew drops in my lawn?

How strange I am, my wants and ways,
And stranger still my brain –
That hates to wrinkle old with greys’
But craves a longer reign.

One score years I’ve been on Earth,
At last I’ve stopped to ponder:
Did I live my life its worth?
“No”, says a voice,” Unforgivable offender”.

How many times I’ve mocked a friend!
How many butterflies I’ve killed for fun!
Never I forgave nor forgot a foe, and
Never confessed a wrong I’ve done.

If I turn my last page now,
Few dears may shed a sorry tear;
But have I earned a name above?
If ‘yes’ I say- I am a liar.

Far more my sins, far more they are,
Than all the stars of the firmament;
Years ahead I have, I thought, for –
Never did I kneel to repent.

Aches my heart to think its been,
A selfish life of pride and lust;
I wilt, I wane, I weep unseen,
What if I hit the lowly dust!

Ashamed I am of a life so mean,
Rich of rotten rubbish and rust;
O’ Time is lean and I’ve to clean,
‘Fore I wither, ‘fore I burst.

Every soul sure has his harvest;
Good or bad he has to reap;
Worst or best the reward is must,
‘Fore or after his dreamless sleep.

A day of must we have to rest,
In a seven feet bed, great or meek;
Then gold and silver – why we quest?
Power and pelf – why we seek?

The World’s a library and men are books;
A book has an End – but was it good?
Fame, fortune and lovely looks,
They travel not beneath the mud.

So, let the blow be far or near;
Lo! I’ve got in time the message;
Even if it’s just an year,
I will live it as a sage.

The journey may be short or long,
But was it for a worthy cause?
And thus goes the Wiseman’s song:
“It matters ‘HOW?’ not ‘HOW LONG?’ it was” !

[written in 1995]


Thoughts :digital art by AB

I linger alone in dreams of her,
Be it day or night!
I see her here, I see her there,
I see her everywhere!

Alone I walked this crowded world,
Searching for answers in despair;
At last I’ve found my heart’s beloved;
No one, but for her, I respire.

My mind, once a heath dismal,
Is now a garden in blossom;
I hear the name of my divine damsel
In every thud against my bosom!

She may be far, too far to find-
For her footsteps I hear no more;
But still her Face haunts my mind-
For only her, as a woman, I adore!

She’s the rainbow of my sky!
She’s the sunshine of my life!
She’s my soul’s inner cry!
She’s my music! My Wife!

I loiter alone in dreams of her,
Be it day or night
I see her here, I see her there,
I see her everywhere!

Gone with the Wind…

She flew towards me in the flowing air
With an Icy look yet clothed in fire;
A strange mix of fear and desire
Griped my soul and yet I stare.
I got a glimpse of the moon lit face
So near yet miles afar;
So unreal yet there she was
A flickering lamp in the chilling air.
I strained my eyes but futile it was
As the moon was behind her now;

I kissed her shadow just before
She vanished with the wind.

She loved the wind and the wind loved me.
She loved the wind as the wind loved me.

[This poem is inspired by the American Poet Theodor Roethke. I had by chance come across an article about Roethke in ‘Span’ as a school boy. The imagery he had used had a deep effect on me and stayed long enough in my mind. Here I have used the same in my own style. The Credit goes to Roethke.]

[written in 1991]

The Perfect Dame…

heart: digital art by ashok

Her Sparkling Eyes
That blush and blaze –
A spring of love!
A well of grace!

Her careless looks
From a flawless face –
Tear my heart
In a thousand ways!

Her lovely lips-
A heaven on Earth;
Whose honey and milk
Will fill my dearth!

Her winning smiles
that melt my heart;
Pierce my soul
Like an arrow dart!

Her flowing tress
That scents the breeze;
Stops my breath
And makes me freeze!

Her mystic eyes
that hold me a slave-
Will haunt me even after
I hit my grave!

Her divine voice
That fills the calm –
For my tragic heart,
A magic balm!

Her royal air,
Her electric charm-
Shock my mind
What lovely harm!

What sinuous art!
What chiseled frame!
I’ve seen at last
The Perfect Dame!

[written in 1999]

Nothing But Whim…

The Vortex : digital art by ashok

Was she a rainbow or was she an angel
Or Heaven itself in flesh?
A fragrance out of earth, I tell,
A spring where beauties rush!

She flowed or flew – I never knew,
For she scarcely rose her feet;
She moved like the dance of a breeze anew,
Her rhythm – my heart beat!

Far lovely than a cloudless night
With a million stars and moon;
There my woman, wondrously bright,
In a grace – her own!

A simple Smile stopped my breath,
I gasped to find my tone;
A careless look set fire the hearth;
I thought I’d follow soon!

Her Silence was so eloquent;
Please don’t ask me how;
I understood every word, it went-
Love, Love and Love!

I must burst out at her lap,
One kiss and be done;
I threw myself… next what did hap?
I do remember none!

For, by my bed, with swollen head,
I was all alone!
With eyes too red & a heart of Lead,
As usual all alone!

[written in 1994]