New Hope…

Photo: Kilakarai 2006

Random footprints on the wet sand
   that the restless waves swill,
Bring memories of her lost land
   and pull her into a swirl.
She stares hard at the horizon
   where the boats dot like a rope;
In her arms a new born;
   and in her eyes new hope.

A single lightning cuts the sky
   as he draws close to the shore;
Amid thoughts of times gone by
   he wonders what’s in store;
He waves hard at the horizon
   as the clouds shed a drop;
In his mind his new born;
   and in his eyes new hope


The Quest…

Photo : Bangalore 2009

A timeless ride
Like the cosmic dust;
I wander inside
On an endless quest;
A cuckoo’s ploy –
No where to rest;
Everyday I enjoy
In another nest.

From Curves & angles
And colors insane,
To black & white
And a steady line;
The ‘isms’ change
Like the window frame
Of landscape on
A speeding train.

Every step anew
A journey afresh;
With questions new
I’ve to address;
The waters flow
Over the rocks and rush;
But settle to slow
On a sublime hush.

A timeless ride
Like the cosmic dust;
I wander inside
On an endless quest;
A timeless ride
Like the cosmic dust;
I wonder inside –
Will I end this quest?

[Architectural practice for me is an endless journey or rather a quest for eternity.
As a student and in the early part of my career, my design philosophies or the “isms” kept changing like the landscape on the window frame of a moving train. I had a crush with exposed bricks, a brief romance with curves, steady days with angles, a phase of daring colors, few dates with vaults and domes, a brief marriage with De Con, to name a few.
Like a fresh stream that chatters & clatters before it settles to the steady flow of a river, I guess, most architects go thro this initial phase of experimental exuberance.]