The Stranger…

at KL Airport 2007

Everyday I see a stranger
   He looks the same as I
He stares at me like danger
   when I try to meet his eye.
Even though I do meet him
   Morning, noon and night
But still the fellow stays grim
   An enigma lost in light.
I wish I knew him better,
   What he thinks and why?
Does he blog and twitter?
   Does he laugh and cry?
Whose world is real I ask?
   Whose life- His or mine?
Who lives behind the mask?
   Can we swap across the line?
Everyday I see this stranger
   who looks the same as I
I see him in every mirror
   But reflections can also lie…


The Poet

I flow in the river; fly free in the breeze
I glow in the fire and in snow I do freeze
I dance with the peacocks and cleanse in the rain
I romance with the sunflowers; in sun I too shine
I roam with the clouds and rise with the mountains
I foam with the waves and spring with the fountains
I dip in sweet honey and bloom with red roses
I skip with every bunny and race with wild horses
I creep with the ivy and with the koel I sing
I sleep on the moon and with stars I do swing
I buzz with the bees and swim with the guppies
I kiss every butterfly and play with the puppies
I sway to the thrushes and drink the morning dew
I grey with the ashes yet love the rainbow hue
I flick with the flame; in the candle I melt
I kick every frame and write what I felt
I fume inside like magma yet am as cold as ice
I exhume every dogma to earn my grain of rice
I dream every minute and dine without a diet
I scream yet am quite-  That’s the life of a poet…

Photo: Cochin 2007


Penning Poetry is the smoothest thing
Like the flapping of a swan’s wing
In metered rhythm the verses sing-
The moment I break my inner ring!

All I need – an endless sky
Where I spread my thoughts and fly
As I soar on an emotional high
Words pour and shape my inner cry!


Photo : Jewish Settlement, cochin 2007

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday
‘Fore you wink it’ll flow away
By the time you know The way
Your hair is either gone or grey.
The clock ticks as if to say-
Life is just a numbered play;
Remember it’s just a fleeting stay
When it shines – make the hay!
Man is nothing but miry clay
From there we come and there decay;
Human life is just a genetic relay;
A rat race run to reach the ray.
All the wealth and power you may
have, but they will not delay
your knell; You can yell, beg or pray
When its time to pay- you’re Time’s prey.
Yesterday is just history they say
And tomorrow is a mystery at bay;
But think about this ‘fore you sway-
Today is tomorrow’s yesterday!

The Clown..

With a conical hat and spotted gown,
He even can walk upside down;
The toast of every kid in town-
The cherry nosed circus clown;
We forget our bags in his folly fest,
Super human gags and jolly jest;
He’ll joke, juggle and play slap stick
And make us giggle with his loony trick
With every frolic he’ll make us laugh;
At ease he’ll do every circus task;
But inside he’ll remain a human dwarf-
Tears veiled by a smiley mask


Photo : Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka 2004

The City sleeps while I stay awake
On a winter night – It’s half past one;
What do I do for heaven’s sake?
Solitary nights are no more fun.
A mosquito sings on my right ear;
I clap my hands and blow my palm;
The dogs are busy- their growl I hear;
I shut the window to regain my calm.
I surf the TV channels in discontent,
From rerun movies to tele-shopping;
Bored with the repeated advertisement,
I grab the remote – more tele-hopping!
What’s in sport? – Let me see – Golf!
Whoever thought that that’s a game?
The other’s showing yachting in Gulf;
My view on that is just the same. 
I decide to watch the late night news-
Rape and murder, quakes and flood!
Repeated headlines, views and reviews;
My eyes are already red as blood.
Stocks are falling, they say, the market’s bad;
I turn it off ‘fore I fall into their trap;
The lizard on the wall must think I am mad,
To sit at this hour and watch such crap.

The Lonely Road…

Photo : Kottaiyur 2011

The Lonely road meanders through
Yellow fields and shady green;
The sky has started to lose its blue;
The wind is dry; I close the side screen;
I make a choice at the dusty Vee
There’s not a soul as far as I could see;
My journey so far- a nonstop spree
But now I need to stop and pee;

I park my car by the peepal tree,
Over the carpet of dried leaves
I relieve and set my bladder free
But the heart heaves and the mind grieves:
Have I taken the futile route?
Will it be late for a U turn now?
Why do I get this nagging doubt
that I could’ve missed a sign somehow?

A small prayer and I check my phone
As though by miracle the signal’s back
I cross a bridge and lo! A milestone!
With a renewed hope I hit the track;
I ignore the potholes and up the gear;
The lonely road will find my town;
The silver lining on the clouds seem near
on the lonely road, as the sun goes down.