The Rage Of Nature

Photo: Trangambadi 2011

The rage of the wave
   The wrath of the ocean
Swept the sorry nation
   To the watery grave.

Roofless homes, homeless souls
   Tossed and torn
At the crack of dawn
   On the tragic shores.

The cars are in the sea
   The boats are on the street
Where the land and water meet-
   What Chaos and Catastrophe!

The Whiteman on the beach
   Looking for a tan;
The brown man on catamaran
   Looking for the catch;

Vanished sans a trace;
   All to the water-prey.
Equal on dooms day
   all wretched human race;

There’s nowhere to run
   and nowhere to hide;
Nature’s other side
   when irate spares none.

Water, water everywhere
   But no water in the eye;
The tears had gone dry
   Lifeless, calm, bare.

The rage of the wave
   The wrath of the ocean
Shook the very notion
   That Nature man can enslave.

[written on the backdrop of the Tsunami 2004]


The Truth…

enroute to pudukottai 2006

The Truth is simple for men of every creed and rank
If you have the ears – arise from the blank
The mind is a monkey, unsteady and crank
T’will jump, swing and always confuse you with its prank. 

The grass is always greener on the other bank
But once you cross the river, you’ll wonder why its lank?
Do you remember the lotus in the temple tank?
T’was beautiful to look at but when smelt, it stank! 

Life’s not just a cycle where you ate and drank
A boat tossed in high seas till the day it sank
Every soul has a purpose – that’s my opinion frank
Believe you are the Best – go ahead and swank.

Happiness is in leading a life content and thank
His Hand that feeds you and shelters you from the dank.