The Yellow House…

Stepped out of my Car; 
the air wasn’t mellow;
The sun was warm and
the wind was calm.
With Mangalore tiles
and painted yellow-
A farmer’s house
by the coconut palm.
The door was locked,
the well was dry;
No sign of life-
Can you guess why?
Once green and fertile:
His paddy land;
Now My site –
A layout planned!


I Crave…







I crave to be a rain bow
    And caress the passing cloud
Bathe in the sun – gently glow
    Painted in colors loud
I crave to be a drop of dew
     And caress the grassy lawn
Pure and clear- fresh and new
    Reborn every morn at dawn
I crave to be a stringless kite
    And caress the easy wind
Soar far and fly – day and night
    Leaving all my load behind
I crave to be a paper boat
    And caress the flowing stream
Sail along –gloat afloat
    And reach the island I dream
I crave to be a gentle breeze
   And caress the bamboo thicket
Thro’ beetle holes- pass with ease
   Flute music is nirvana’s ticket
I crave to be a bumble bee
    And caress every garden flower
Sip the nectar – heart in glee
    Honey filled life forever
I crave to be a bubble of soap
    And caress the rays of light
Glide along- winds of hope
    Till the earth is out of sight
I crave to be an ocean wave
    And caress the golden beach
Tide above the rocks and lave
    A carefree life I beseech