The Bitter Seeds…






Forlorn faces raining tears
Like murky monsoon clouds;
Tossed between hope and fears
Like children lost in crowds.

As fragile as an autumn leaf
That sways to the moody breeze;
A life docile that hangs in grief
Fallen even by a sleazy sneeze.

The bitter seeds buried in time
And watered by sweat and tears;
Will sprout one day from their bloody grime
And live a thousand years.


Orphaned dreams…






The tiring drive-
The endless road.
As reflections strive-
A cerebral load

The Frozen eyes
in despair stare;
Betrayed by Lies
Beyond repair.

Over reddened sand
the tyrants dance.
The martyr’s land
Yearns eternal trance.

As Darkness shrouds-
The silence screams.
Like wandering clouds-
Orphaned dreams.