Now I see the Light in front,
My night is turned to day;
All this while I was Ignorant;
But now enlightened- my way!
Step by step I carefully tread
Every pot hole I clearly see;
Chased the ghosts I used to dread;
I am reborn with a heart in glee!


The End Game

The day is dragging to an end
The pen is losing ink.
The journey on the final bend
The ship is eager to sink.

The trophies that once spoke his fame;
Now faded – catching dust.
Memories frozen in photo frame;
Forgotten – forming rust.

Metal and paper saved in bank;
His life times labor and toil.
Hardly matter and add to blank
when it’s time to hit the soil.

The candle melts by his bedside;
An ominous flickering flame.
His wall clock ticks and waits to decide;
There’s no winner in this game.


“You write about the beauty of the moon!
Hey poet, do you realize that
The light is mine?” –The Sun…

“You sing about the beauty of the rain!
Hey poet, do you realize that
The water is mine?” – The Cloud…

“You pen about the beauty of the river!
Hey Poet, do you realize that
The source is mine?” – The Mountain…

“You praise about the beauty of the flower!
Hey poet, do you realize that
The hard work is mine? – The Plant

The Poet realized.
But God just smiled….

Life (abstract)

The Pickled soul
Trapped in a bottle-
Hot, sweet and sour;

The Abysmal hole
Clueless battle;
The Lust for more and more.

A spark, a desire-
Ignites the prattle
That ends in a pit or pyre.

The Infinite spire;
The Tongues tattle;
In silence the Words disappear

The strong survive;
The weak rattle;
From this escape none.

There’s no reprieve;
The Scattered cattle;
All slaughtered one by one.