Run Run…

Hey! Slacker, Run for the cup
Fore’ you fade into the frantic crowd
The world forgets the runner-up
Glory only to the winner proud

The track is warm but the wind is cold
The race is short-so don’t be cowed
Run for glory, run for the Gold
Don’t you hear the clapping aloud?

Race toward the finishing rope
Like lightning from a darkened cloud
With long strides of pride and hope
Run for honor and believe you could

Pull every muscle for the final run
This is the day, a dream avowed
Run, run and you’re second to none
There’s the podium and victory shroud




Anger, Hatred

Danger, Distrust, Distance

Silence, Time, Forget – Forgive

Access, Accept, Adjust

Share, Smile


“Neo Diamante” (New Diamond) introduced by me is a derivative variant of the original “Diamante” (created in 1969 by Iris Tiedt). The variant too has 7 lines shaped like a Diamond and the subject at the top of the diamond is totally different or opposite to the subject at the bottom.

But unlike the original, neo diamante gives poetic freedom to use verbs/nouns and adjectives creatively to convey the theme. The first and last single words are preferably nouns and their contrast is brought out by the progression of the middle 5 lines. The Title should be the separated last word of the 4th line.The beauty is to convey the theme in the least words forming the diamond