The Night…

Am I sleeping?
Or still awake?
What time of night is this?
A heavy load
Is on my chest
I gasp, I breathe heavy
The darkness
and the distant light
Is this but a dream?
The silence outside
Grave within
Should I sprint or scream?
My legs are firmly
On the ground
Yet the floor I do not feel
Something’s coming
From behind
I am scared to turn around
I want to reach
The light In front
I can barely move my feet
Cold and numb
In quandary now
Should I wake or go to sleep?


Happy Pongal…

Along the Temple wall
A farmer sits all day
With Sugarcane so sweet
Yet, none to buy at all
With sadness in his eye
He looks at every passerby
As If to ponder why-
Why none stop to buy?

The festival that he knew
The overflowing pot
The overflowing joy
And a beginning new
are just delusions now
A hopeless holy cow
A future bleak, unsure
With a pointless plough

Times are changing fast
Fresh shoots forget the roots
The meanings that he knew
are figments of the past
The generation of today
Behind burgers, buns & fries
Realize not the bliss
Of Nature’s simple way

Pongal will remain
Another holiday forever
In memories so sweet
Like his unsold sugarcane
Next year he might have
To a builder sold his land
Then sit by the Temple and laugh
At what we’ll never have…

I love…

I love the break of dawn
The golden morning ray
To purge the past- be reborn
A new day, a new way

I love the noise of birds
Closed eyes a tired mind
The Simple songs with meaningless words
All cluttered thoughts refined

I love the ocean waves
To and fro, tireless dance
Heartaches like footprints they erase
Drenched in a dreamy trance

I love the cooling breeze
A waft of scented air
With open arms- a moment of peace
Silent, exposed and bare

I love the flowered pathway
Meandering thro’ the landscape
Alone in silence, walk away
From burdens an escape

I love the showers of rain
Thunderbolts, a steady spell
To cleanse away my earthly pain
The inner blots dispel

I love the starry night
Infinite mystic sky
Lost in thoughts when all is quiet
Dried teardrop in my eye