To & Fro…

His Pendulum swings
To and fro
My eyeballs swing along
“Focus” says
his steady voice
But my mind is on a song…

I’ve learnt the trick
To stay awake
And dream with open eyes…
The peace within
A paradise
Away from the maddening noise

In a spell
I hear the piper’s call
A glide away from pain
Scattered thoughts
Careless knots
Untied and tied again…

I shroud myself
In the umbra black
The light a distant dot
In trance I drown
Into the abysmal hole…
Isn’t Life but a dreamy plot… ?

He can try
As long as he wants
But he’ll never see my wings!
To and fro
To and fro
In vain his pendulum swings…



One thought on “To & Fro…

  1. stranger says:

    Exactly my mood sometimes

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