The Leeches…

In Abstract thoughts they float
I detest their very sight
They see themselves and gloat
Parasites all dressed in white

Hollow lives of Wanton pride
With Promises not worth a dime
All naked -nowhere to hide
The Stinking lowly grime

With deceiving empty speeches
Suck the blood of common folk
Hail! All my country’s leeches
in Parliament house they croak


The shameless thing!

Like a fat flightless bird flapping its wing
Noising aloud yet No action to sing;
Looting the Nation and Living like a king
Is the Politician– the most shameless thing!

The Bitter Seeds…






Forlorn faces raining tears
Like murky monsoon clouds;
Tossed between hope and fears
Like children lost in crowds.

As fragile as an autumn leaf
That sways to the moody breeze;
A life docile that hangs in grief
Fallen even by a sleazy sneeze.

The bitter seeds buried in time
And watered by sweat and tears;
Will sprout one day from their bloody grime
And live a thousand years.

Orphaned dreams…






The tiring drive-
The endless road.
As reflections strive-
A cerebral load

The Frozen eyes
in despair stare;
Betrayed by Lies
Beyond repair.

Over reddened sand
the tyrants dance.
The martyr’s land
Yearns eternal trance.

As Darkness shrouds-
The silence screams.
Like wandering clouds-
Orphaned dreams.









The number was 13 and she knocked twice
‘Come in’ she heard – a very gruff voice
She pushed the door and her heartbeat rose
As cigarette smoke choked her ring pierced nose
The curtains were down, the light was dim
The silhouette was still and that was him
‘Sit down’ he growled and pointed the bed
Quietly she sat and nodded her head
In every filthy finger- a stone studded ring
And heavy gold chains he wore like a king.

He dropped some ice in his glass of rum
And grinned at her- the bag of scum
Her looks had changed- he won’t recognize her
He was the very reason why she was there
A childhood snatched and a path of woe
Darkness thrust -Thirteen years ago.
Her parents and her village –stuck in poverty
Jobs he had promised and a life in the city
She journeyed with the wolf and 12 other sheep
Only to be slaughtered and the meat sold cheap

Her whole weary life flashed ‘fore her eyes
Her ears filled with the entrapped sheep’s cries
Her anger she had saved all these years
For the payback she’s come for all her tears
For every little sheep that he ate and sold
For every 13 year old with a tale untold
The Wolf is now drunk – a willing prey
The sheep had only waited for this very day
When it was over, the wolf lay dead
12 shots in the groin and one in the head


Hounds that howl and devour the dead
Prowled around for flesh and blood
Hell broke loose –Oh! Wails of pain;
Bullets, bombs and chemical rain

Callous demons in cannibal fest,
Raped the doves and burned their nest;
Stripped the feathers and slit their neck;
Kicked the belly and shot their head.

The proud nation fell to dust;
The world watched them moan and rust.
The demons danced in triumphant fest
And thanked Buddha for their conquest.