The Fox & Crow Story…

(illustration by Nithila)

Once upon a time of yore
There lived a granny very old
Making vadas her daily chore
Two an anna is how she sold

Crispy top and a softy core
Tasty vadas hot and brown
She made them sitting on the floor
Humming with a forehead frown

There came flying a hungry crow
That sniffed the vadas from half a mile
Hoping that a piece she’ll throw
She cawed at granny for a while

The Granny just ignored the crow
And arranged the vadas on a bowl
The crow could feel its hunger grow
The sight of vadas with a hole!

As soon as granny turned her back
Swooped the crow with greedy claws
At ease she picked the fattest snack
And away she flew with happy caws!

The wily fox soon came to know
From the raven’s reckless caws
Slyly stalked the careless crow
As it happens in jungle laws!

Atop a Palmyra palm she perched
In her mouth her pricy catch
Leaf to leaf she loosely lurched
Deciding the seat to eat her snatch

“Oh Senorita with a magical voice”
Howled the fox like a fervent fan
“Sing again and let me rejoice
My Cuckoo! Blessed be your clan”

The mouthful crow blushed in awe
Flattered by his sugary word
“Let me hear that melodious caw”
Begged the fox at the brimming bird

The foolish crow fell for the hoax
Opened her throat to the fullest shriek
And to the joy of the crafty fox
Realized not what fell off her beak

The crow finished and made a pause
With open wings – the diva faux
When she looked down for applause
The vada had vanished with the fox!

The moral of the ditty my daughter dear :
Ill gotten gain will never remain
And fall not for the blandish you hear
Remember this vada when flatterers feign.


My days of Innocence


Childhood days – life’s best part;
Worries, burdens – not at all;
A mind at peace, a jumping heart,
A spring of happiness- sky tall!

Hide and seeks, scribbling walls
And little games of endless bliss;
Little mischief, tumbling falls-
The hurt was soothened with a kiss!

Soaring kites, spinning top,
The screech of a neighbour’s calling bell;
Fish in pond and bubbles of soap;
Gave such joy – who can tell !

Comic books under desk at school,
Paper boats and papaya leaves;
The fun of playing April fool
And coming home with ink & grease;

Watching ants with a lens,
Playing marbles with a friend;
Building mud house, jumping fence,
Gave happiness that knew no end!

Sea shells, pebbles, bottle tops
And catapults were more than wealth;
Ice sticks, sugar sweets and lolly pops
Another bite – who cared for health!

Thro’ the window catching rain;
Hunting earthworms, shaping clay;
Waving hands at a passing train
Are glimpses of a perfect day!

Home Works – O! Such silly stuff;
Very oft our plans they hinder –
But, God answered prayers-lights go puff
And playtime it was with candle fire!

Peaceful sleep, sharp at nine;
Sweet dreams of fairytale;
The Tune of life was far too fine
Than the songs of a nightingale!

A life of happiness, a life carefree;
A life content with simple things;
It’s the Life – you will agree
That took us to moon without the wings!

How fast has Time turned his wheel!
Why did those days turn past tense?
I close my eyes in silence to feel
In my heart – my days of Innocence!

[written in 1993]