Tribute to fellow Poets…

Clifton Redmond

There is passion in what he writes;
A profound, poignant war he fights.
When Clifton’s fantasy takes flights,
Poetry surrounds- like starry nights!

(a tribute to the talented Poet Clifton Redmond
– view his works here : )

Nick Tamborra

The architect who has mastered his art
And writes straight from the heart
Nick’s poetry hits like dart
With his pen he stands apart

(wrote for Nick Tamborra, a fellow architect and a fantastic poet. View his poetry here : )

Khalil Goddard

His words are like aromatic nard
For the hearts that’re sad and scarred
A genius wordsmith and bard
My favorite Khalil Goddard

(a tribute to one of my favorite poets, the talented Khalil Goddard, whose writing can be viewed here: )

Richard Gus Acevedo

It’s hard to keep him quiet
His words are an emotional riot
He survives on a creative diet
He calls himself The Pinocchio Poet!

(This is a tribute to Richard Gus Acevedo, a brilliant Poet, whose works can be viewed here: )

Randy Nii

This bloke’s’s grandee!
His songs are wild yet dandy;
His spirit’s a mix of shandy with brandy;
With Verse as sweet as candy- Randy!

This is for Randy, a talented song writer and a kind gentleman poet.
His works are here